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Copycat Waffle House Grits Bowl

This is my go-to order at Waffle House. I've got to have my Grits Bowl from the $6 menu, a side of hashbrowns, chocolate milk, and a cup o' joe.

Since I live in Georgia, I could just drive down the road to my local WaHo and pay $6 for breakfast. Or I could go to my grocery store and pay $9.55 (butter is expensive y'all!!) for about 6 of these breakfasts, which would be around $1.60 a bowl.

Yes, I see a lot of delicious grits bowls in my future!

Grits bowls are the perfect recipe for when you are absolutely hangry and need something comforting in less than 10 minutes. Grits take about 6 minutes to cook. Same with the sausage, and scrambled eggs can be ready in about a minute and a half. It only takes a pot and a pan to make, so clean up is easy too! Just be sure to immediately put water in your grits pan when all the grits are gone. Otherwise, you will have concrete grits on the side of your pot that is impossible to scrape off without a hefty amount of elbow grease.

The video below is how I cook scrambled eggs. I like them to be nice a fluffy.

Fun fact: Did you know that if you put an omelet under the broiler it will puff up and get all light and airy? It's super fun to watch! Just put them under when the bottom is cooked and there is a thin layer of raw egg on the top layer. The raw egg will cook under the broiler and rise to become the puffy magical omelet of your dreams.


Copycat Waffle House Grits Bowl





Breakfast Sausage

American Cheese


Make the serving size of grits you want according to the instructions on the container, add a generous amount of butter afterward, and salt to taste. (I make 4 servings for 2 people usually)

Cook the sausage. Pan-fry it until fully cooked (of if pre-cooked until heated through) and browned. Then break it into bite-sized pieces using your spatula.

Make scrambled eggs, 2-3 eggs per person, use the same pan as the sausage for a pre-greased pan with built-in flavor.

Assembling the bowl:

Grits at the bottom, followed by cheese, then sausage & egg.

Add more butter if desired, or salt and pepper, or hot sauce.

Mix it all together and enjoy.

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